Monday, May 27, 2013

Quilt in A Day!

I will freely admit that a looming deadline is very motivating to me! Too often, I put myself in situations where I'm forced to work well under pressure! Last Monday was one of those days.

Earlier this month, I put together this stack of fabrics for a baby shower gift. I even started making blocks. However, other projects had to move to the forefront for a while, so I didn't actually finish all the blocks I needed until last Sunday (two days before the shower).

I was too tired to assemble the top Sunday night, so after work and dinner on Monday, I was faced with the challenge of turning these into a finished quilt before bedtime. I decided to document the progress just to see how fast it would come together!

6:50 PM. Layout planned and blocks stacked in sewing order.

7:36 PM Top sewn together

8:24 Top, batting and backing are loaded in the frame and ready for quilting

8:57 PM Halfway through the quilting process.

9:46 PM Quilting done and edges trimmed

10:18 PM Binding is attached (by machine -- not my usual method, but this was an emergency!)

The next day: Washed, dried and ready for gift-giving! (I used one of the new 58" wide Riley Blake chevron fabrics for the backing, and I really love how it looks!)

Now, I don't normally work this quickly on a project, and I usually hand-sew my bindings, but it was an interesting challenge to see if I could get it done in time! Having the blocks and the binding made ahead of time also sped up the process a bit. I'm happy to report that the mother-to-be absolutely loved it!


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  1. It looks wonderful. I was wondering if you would share a few words on your quilting machine. What kind..easy to use...and such? Thanks