Saturday, February 28, 2015

February Finishes

Here is this month's collage of finished quilts!



Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Bucket List Quilts

In lieu of "Quilty Resolutions", this year, I've decided to work on a "bucket list" of quilts.

There is something so tempting about a beautiful new quilt pattern, and these are six from my library that I'm determined to turn into quilts this year! I chose six because two months to work on each sounded reasonable! I'm hoping to share either a finished quilt (or at least some progress!) every couple of months.

If you're interested in making any of these, too, here are some links:

"Jellybean" (Thimbleblossoms): The quilt on the cover is made from a Ruby jelly roll, which I do have on hand, but I'm not sure that will be my final choice!

"Suburbs" (Cluck Cluck Sew): I have no idea what fabric I'll choose for this one yet!

"Carnival" (Jaybird Quilts): I am thinking of making this one like the pattern cover -- I do have a healthy stash of Central Park, and this would help me tame it a bit!

"Juggle" (Thimbleblossoms): I am making the larger of the two sizes in Happy-Go--Lucky, as pictured!

"Pow-Wow" (Cluck Cluck Sew): I'm planning to make this one with a medium grey Kona background, and some Groovy Guitar fabrics (Michael Miller)

"Swoon" (Thimbleblossoms): I keep going back and forth on fabric choices for this one! I love the idea of the navy background, but I'm also thinking about the possibility of an aqua blue background. So many choices!


Here's a sneak peek of the first pattern I decided to work on:

More to come soon!


Quilty Resolutions

Last January, I made 7 Quilty Resolutions. Before I make any this year, I thought I'd better check in to see how I did in 2014

#1 Package up finished quilts


I still need to work on this one. It is so much more fun to make quilts than to package them. But I do love having them ready to ship, so I'm determined to try to nail this goal in 2015.

#2 Use up fabric in my fabric drawers to make room for new fabric!


I did use up a lot of previously purchased fabric making quilts this year, and I was more careful about what I added to my stash. Obviously, I still have a very healthy stash, but it has been fun using it! Here are a few of the quilts I made from stash/ WIP's this year:

#3 Spend at least five minutes daily keeping up with my Etsy tax Excel spreadsheets


I did okay on this for the first three months. Then I lost my momentum. Then, I hated myself in December for not keeping up with it. Sigh.

#4 Continue to blog regularly, and do a blog makeover

NAILED IT! (mostly)

I'm going to call this one a success, although there is more more to be done, and there were many bad months of blogging. I did redeem myself at the end of the year with a great month of blogging, and I finally learned how to change fonts, colors, etc

# 5 Make at least one donation quilt each quarter

NAILED IT! (Only three of the four are pictured)

#6 Use up scraps in the pink Rubbermaid tote


Although I did use up a lot of scraps from my sewing room, the infamous pink Rubbermaid tote is untouched. Maybe this year?

#7 Write at least one new pattern each quarter.


I wrote four new patterns in 2014! This resolution was a great incentive to put some focus on my pattern writing.

So, moving on to lieu of resolutions, I've decided on a bucket list of quilts I'd like to make based on patterns I purchased (but didn't necessarily make!). I'll be sharing those in an upcoming blog post!