Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Quilty Resolutions

Last January, I made 7 Quilty Resolutions. Before I make any this year, I thought I'd better check in to see how I did in 2014

#1 Package up finished quilts


I still need to work on this one. It is so much more fun to make quilts than to package them. But I do love having them ready to ship, so I'm determined to try to nail this goal in 2015.

#2 Use up fabric in my fabric drawers to make room for new fabric!


I did use up a lot of previously purchased fabric making quilts this year, and I was more careful about what I added to my stash. Obviously, I still have a very healthy stash, but it has been fun using it! Here are a few of the quilts I made from stash/ WIP's this year:

#3 Spend at least five minutes daily keeping up with my Etsy tax Excel spreadsheets


I did okay on this for the first three months. Then I lost my momentum. Then, I hated myself in December for not keeping up with it. Sigh.

#4 Continue to blog regularly, and do a blog makeover

NAILED IT! (mostly)

I'm going to call this one a success, although there is more more to be done, and there were many bad months of blogging. I did redeem myself at the end of the year with a great month of blogging, and I finally learned how to change fonts, colors, etc

# 5 Make at least one donation quilt each quarter

NAILED IT! (Only three of the four are pictured)

#6 Use up scraps in the pink Rubbermaid tote


Although I did use up a lot of scraps from my sewing room, the infamous pink Rubbermaid tote is untouched. Maybe this year?

#7 Write at least one new pattern each quarter.


I wrote four new patterns in 2014! This resolution was a great incentive to put some focus on my pattern writing.

So, moving on to 2015...in lieu of resolutions, I've decided on a bucket list of quilts I'd like to make based on patterns I purchased (but didn't necessarily make!). I'll be sharing those in an upcoming blog post!


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