Wednesday, January 1, 2014

New Year's Quilty Resolution # 1

Happy New Year!

Since my Twenty-Five Days of Quilts blog post challenge seemed to be such a great motivator for me to power through and finish things, I thought I would try a series of Quilty Resolutions. Hopefully, I'll be more inclined to follow through if they are etched in cyberspace!

Resolution # 1: Package Finished Quilts:

Before I mail out a completed quilt to an Etsy customer, I wash it, package it up in a simple fabric bag (made from muslin or sheets I buy on clearance!), tie it with a scrap of fabric, and attach a tag with wash/care instructions. I also enclose a matching Kleenex fabric holder as a little gift.

I have a great shelving unit from Sam's that I use to store all the completed quilts in Priority mail boxes (most of my quilts are mailed in medium flat rate, or regional rate, boxes. When they are packaged and ready to go, they store beautifully, remain dust free, and are ready to ship as soon as an order comes in. Since I work full time, I love having the boxes ready to go -- I can print out a label in the morning, and take it with me to mail from work. I keep a numbered list of quilts and boxes so it is easy to find the one I need.

Unfortunately, I like quilting more than packaging, so this is usually what happens -- most of the quilts end up in boxes on the shelf, but without all the packaging details! So, my first Quilty Resolution of 2014 is to package one quilt each day until I catch up, and then to try to maintain the system by packaging up quilts as soon as I take photos and list them!


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