Monday, March 9, 2015

Bucket List Quilt #1

In February, I introduced my Quilt "Bucket List" Challenge for 2015. These are the six patterns I want to make from my current pattern library:

Although I showed you a sneak peek of my Juggle quilt top, I actually switched gears and decided to finish Carnival first.

Since I still have a healthy stash of Central Park (one of my favorite collections to hoard) I decided to stay pretty close to the fabric choices in the cover quilt design.

I bought this pattern at the Vermont Quilt Festival a few years ago. Although I loved the look of the quilt, once I read the pattern, I was a bit intimidated by the angles in the blocks. They did turn out to be a bit tedious to put together, but once I got the hang of it, they weren't too bad.

I like to chain piece, so I started out by working on two blocks at the same time. Eventually I worked on four at a time. Each block has four pinwheel corners (and each of these are made of three pieces). Also, half of the pinwheel blocks need to be cut with the fabric upside down in order to get the "dancing pinwheels" look of the quilt.

When you first start sewing the pieces, they look a bit weird, but there is trimming involved, so all of my pieces ended up fitting together pretty nicely. I'm happy with the overall look of the finished quilt, and I used one of my favorite Central Park prints for the backing!


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