Monday, October 12, 2015

Bucket List Quilt # 4

The subtitle of today's post is "A Tale of Two Jellybeans". As you might recall, I set a goal of making six quilts from a bucket list of patterns this year.

So far, I've completed Pow-Wow, Carnival, and Juggle, and the next one on the agenda was Jellybean. I decided to make it out of a Verna Kate Spain jelly roll:

I was quite enjoying the zen-ness of the project -- until partway through adding the cream corners when I suddenly realized that it DID matter which way the stripes were facing when you added the background fabric. Luckily, I caught myself in time to purposely make half the blocks incorrectly so that at least I would end up with a cohesive design.
That meant a redo was in order, so here is the actual design, made out of a Persimmon jelly roll (Basic Grey).

I backed this one in a super soft minky, and am already putting it to good use on these cool fall nights!


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