Monday, October 25, 2010

Stolen Moments

I usually feel like a day just isn't right if I haven't sewn a stitch! However, I sometimes forget just how much can be accomplished in just a few stolen moments here and there. I will admit that I'm not an early riser by choice, but last week I decided to get up a few minutes earlier so I could squeeze in some stitching before work. I started with two layer cakes: a new Dream On layer cake (by Urban Chiks for Moda Fabrics) and a Moda Bella Solid in snow.

After a few days of "stolen" sewing moments, I had a bigger pile of squares:

Half of those squares became this quilt: (the other half are still waiting!)

And then, a few days later, the binding was finished! (I love the green stripe!)
Even though I had a lot of school work and house work to accomplish last week, these stolen sewing moments gave me a sense of accomplishment that kept me going on the other, less exciting tasks (a quilt can be finished -- does laundry EVER get finished?). Give yourself a few moments of sewing playtime every day -- you deserve it! Everything else will still be waiting for you when you're done! (I mean, I eventually HAD to fold the laundry in my living room so I had enough space to lay out the blocks for the quilt, right?!)

The quilt, and more pictures, are in my Etsy shop!

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