Sunday, November 28, 2010

Less Talk, More Sewing

Even though I promised myself to keep up with my blog a little more regularly, I've been doing so much sewing lately that I haven't had time to say much! Lately, I've been making lots of tumbler quilts -- I spent a couple of evenings cutting like crazy, and then it was time to play and arrange the blocks.

Here's the "shrapnel" left over from cutting up a bunch of Dr. Seuss fabrics. Doesn't the pile look pretty?Of course, the finished quilt looks much cuter than the leftover scraps:I cut a ton of tumblers from these fabrics, so I have a kit listed in my shop.
I also finished the Nicey Jane quilt shown in my previous post. (It's not actually large enough to fit a full-size bed, but it looked so pretty across my mom's bed that I had to take the picture):
Finally, I've been dying to sew something with Amy Butler's Love fabrics ever since they were released last year. I cut enough blocks for two quilts, so the second set is listed as a kit in my etsy shop. These fabrics are just so beautiful-- now I can't wait for her new line Soul Blossoms to be in stores (hopefully by mid-December!).

More pictures of all my tumbler quilts and kits are available in my Etsy shop.

Now its on to more sewing -- this week, I'm "playing" with Tula Pink's "Hushabye", Momo's "It's a Hoot", Oliver & S's "City Weekend", and Sandy Gervais' brand new line "Giddy". Hopefully, I'll have some more pictures to share soon!

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  1. I love your tumbler quilts! Great fabric choices!