Sunday, December 23, 2012

Christmas Surprise # 1

Today, I took a break from custom orders to work on a surprise Christmas present for my fourteen year old son. He is a huge Boston sports fan, and wanted to make a quilt of all four jerseys. This was going to be the second quilt he made (he sewed an Irish chain quilt when he was ten). He designed it and collected all the fabrics, but eventually lost interest in it and wanted me to finish it for him.

I had intended to finish it last Christmas, but never got around to it. After many hours of machine appliqué today, the top is basically put together (although I will probably end up fixing that upside down T in the center caused by accidental matching fabrics -- too bad it didn't fall right side up, since my son's name begins with T!)

I may end up adding another border to add some length -- it is intended to be a lap quilt, but the intended recipient gets taller by the minute!

Tomorrow, I've got a surprise project in mind for my daughter. Then I need to get these presents quilted and wrapped!



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