Sunday, May 16, 2010

Baby Quilt Progress!

My family will certainly vouch for the fact that I have a tendency to, when faced with a deadline, add unnecessary items to increase the stress level. For example, since I needed to complete two baby quilts by Wednesday, why not add a third baby quilt to the mix? In my defense, cutting and sewing multiple identical projects appeals to my love of efficiency. (I'm also the type of person that would just as soon make 3 lasagnas or a triple batch of brownies if I'm going to bother getting out the ingredients and tools!)

The two originally planned baby quilts were an Adirondack-themed quilt for a boy, and a Moda Blush (by Basic Grey) quilt for a girl. I had enough scraps leftover from a previous Adirondack project to complete the first quilt, but needed to purchase some Blush fabrics for the second quilt. Since the fat quarters I bought yielded enough pieces for two quilts, I figured I might as well make a third quilt for my Etsy store.
So, here's the progress so far. The girl baby shower quilt needs the binding hand-sewn to the back (pic above shows pink binding in progress). The second Blush quilt is completed and listed in my Etsy shop (I used aqua binding on this one). The Adirondack quilt finally has the borders on and is ready for loading on the quilting machine. With any luck, I'll have most of it quilted before bedtime! The folded quilt in the third picture is the one listed in my shop. By the way, my 11-year old niece wrote me a lovely letter which I have not yet answered, and one of the questions she asked was "How do you fold the quilts for the pictures in your shop?" The answer is "I have no idea!" I can never get them folded the same way twice!

The final picture explains why I've had time to accomplish so much this weekend -- UNFOLDED laundry being guarded by our cat, Hunter.

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