Saturday, May 15, 2010

Welcome to My Blog!

For the past year, I've been "hovering in blogosphere", reading other people's blogs, being inspired by their quilting projects, and enjoying their anecdotes on everyday life. Today, I've decided to take my first baby steps toward being a "blogger"! Since my blog will focus mainly on my quilting life, and since I'm also a David Letterman fan, here's a top ten list to start things off!

Top Ten Signs That You're Addicted to Quilting:

(I'm sure there are a lot of versions of these on the web, but I decided to use my own personal examples!)

10. Even though all of your clothes are wash and wear, you own a very expensive iron, and your ironing board is almost always out.
9. When your daughter sees an iron in the hotel room closet, she says "Look, Mom -- you could sew here!"
8. Your 11 year old son can correctly define "WIP" and "fat quarter" , and knows who Alex Anderson is.
7. When you fly back and forth across the country to visit family, you bring a Singer Featherweight in your carry-on luggage.
6. You own 5 sewing machines, one of which is located 3,000 miles away (in order to avoid #7!)
5. You've considered legally changing your children's names to Kaffe and Amy (just kidding -- this is too over-the-top, even for me!)
4. When you say "It's in the sewing room", the follow-up question is always "Which one?"
3. Your husband's co-workers are constantly picking thread off his clothes.
2. Everyone in your house has had a pin stuck in his/her toe at some point.
And the number one answer...
1. Even though you have known for months that 2 co-workers were pregnant, you wait until the weekend before the baby shower to finish their quilts (see photo-- quilt # 1 still needs binding and quilt #2 hasn't even made it to the quilting machine yet!).

So, there -- you know a little about me and my obsession with quilting. Now it's time to order a pizza so I can get the baby quilts finished!


  1. Very funny top ten...even for a non-quilter! I love all your quilts! Your shop has some wonderful items...Thanks for sharing

  2. GREAT list! I can relate to quite a few of those!