Friday, August 16, 2013

My Sewing Studio

Since The Sewing Loft and Ellison Lane Quilts are currently hosting a linky party to share your sewing space, I thought it was time for another visit to my studio, which did undergo some improvement since the last time I posted about it.

My favorite thing about my tiny (approx 8 x 8 foot) space, aside from the fact that I have a place to call my own in which to create, is my fabric storage system. These cubes were purchased from Michael's over a period of time (either when the scrapbooking storage was on sale, or when I had a coupon). I had seen them on a blog and thought they would be perfect for fabric, and they really are!

Folded fat quarters fit in them beautifully, as do charm packs. I labelled the drawers, so it is easy to find or store fabrics from all of my favorite designers and collections. The cubes also stack in any configuration. Most of my cubes are the four drawer variety, but I do have some open slotted cubes I use to store Accuquilt dies or layer cakes.

Even with all this storage, I still have some overflow, which I store in bins on top of the cubes. Yardage for backings, as well as my book collection, are stored in stacked wood crates (also available at Michael's or Joann's). These fabrics are grouped by designer rather than color, in keeping with my drawer storage system.

My other main storage area is a stainless steel shelving unit from Sam's club. I use this for all of my Etsy quilts that are ready for shipping.

The room is so tiny that I really had to take advantage of vertical storage, so all three storage systems fit the bill quite nicely!

When I rearranged my sewing room last fall, I was able to move my sewing table to the window wall, so I have the added bonus of a nice view while I work.

This summer, I decided the old linoleum and area rug had to go, so I installed some peel and stick vinyl tiles from Lowes. I wanted an inexpensive, easy fix, but I did select a good name brand tile on clearance, so I'm really happy with the durability and comfort of the tile. Changing the flooring gave me a chance to so some major cleaning and dusting, and I've been enjoying my updated space all summer long!

Hope you enjoyed your visit! Next week, I'll be doing a series of posts on "stash hoarding", so be sure to come back for another peek inside my fabric storage units!

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  1. I think you've done a great job! I love your fabric storage ideas and it is so colorful and well organized. It looks pretty toO!

  2. Love your card catalog fabric storage

  3. The baskets full of goodies on the table look fun! thanks for sharing!

  4. Those white storage shelves are perfect for fabric and look fantastic! Plus, I love the way you store your ready made quilts for shipping. Super smart. Thank you for sharing your sewing space with us on the Studio Spotlight Tour.

  5. I love your filing cabinet, what a great addition to your room.

  6. Love your shelving unit for the boxes with quilts!!!

  7. You look really well organized. Especially the Etsy shipping shelves. Plus I really like the white drawers. I love all things cubbie.

  8. What a wonderful space! I'm always looking for new ways to get organized. Looks like you've got a good eye for it. My stash is a mish-mash of very old and old. Needs some love for sure.

    Thanks for sharing. I'm number 7 on the link up group. Maybe you'll have time for a little look-see.


  9. You say it's small, but you're so well-organized that it doesn't look like it from here. I especially like your Etsy store...everything ready to go! Thanks for inviting us in!

  10. I love your studio. Thank so much for sharing. :)