Friday, April 4, 2014

Quarterly Quilty Resolution Check

To make sure I keep on track with my Quilty New Year's Resolutions, I thought I would do a quarterly status check on them!

#1 Package up finished quilts

Nope -- still need to work on this one!

#2 Use up fabric in my fabric drawers to make room for new fabric!

Although I've been really busy with custom orders this quarter, several of them have helped me use up fabric in the drawers! So, I will consider myself on track with this goal.

#3 Spend at least five minutes daily keeping up with my Etsy tax Excel spreadsheets

Although I haven't really set aside a few minutes a day for this, I have managed to get a lot of entries done for 2014. If I concentrate on it this month, I should be able to get all caught up!

#4 Continue to blog regularly, and do a blog makeover

January and February were good blogging months, but March was not! I did take some time in Janaury to clean up the right side of my blog page, so that was a good start to the blog makeover. This quarter, I'd like to go back through some earlier posts and add labels.

# 5 Make at least one donation quilt each quarter

Yay -- I did accomplish this goal! My students and I created this quilt, which was raffled off to benefit a local hospice organization:

#6 Use up scraps in the pink Rubbermaid tote!

I did make a bunch of snowball blocks in the early part of the quarter using scraps from the Rubbermaid tote, but ended up setting them aside to work on the donation quilt above (which technically used up fabric drawer fabric!). I plan to resume working on the original snowball quilt so I can donate it to my guild by June.

#7 Write at least one new pattern each quarter.

I'm on track with this goal, too! I finished my pattern Pinwheel Party in February...

... and I just completed my tenth pattern this week! It is called "Picture Perfect", and it is available on both my Etsy and Craftsy sites. I'll blog more about it in the next day or so!

All in all, I'm doing okay on the resolutions, and I think I have a good idea of what to focus on this quarter. I'll touch base on them again at the beginning of July!


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