Thursday, December 11, 2014

Twenty-Five Quilts, Day 11

I've made a bunch of crib quilts using the Ahoy Matey panel from Michael Miller fabrics, but this is the first time I've made the quilt using multiple panels.

The panel itself is a bit narrow, so every time I make a crib quilt from it, I end up using a small part of the next panel. I had several narrow leftover ship pieces on hand, so I framed four of them with coordinating fabrics.
I love the dark blue pennants border -- I've been hoping to incorporate it into a project, and this seemed like the perfect one for it.

This ended up being a fairly large crib quilt -- around 52" x 57"-- so it will also be perfect for a toddler bed.

I chose my favorite Ahoy Matey backing ("Mutiny on the Bunting") and Dumb Dot in Clementine for the binding.

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