Wednesday, August 1, 2012

A Month of Quilt Tops: DAYS 16-18 Fig Tree Quilts!

(To read about my month of quilt tops journey, click here!)

Today's post is all about Fig Tree Quilts fabrics!  I think the thing I love most about Fig Tree designs are that the fabrics appeal to both vintage and modern tastes -- the designs are classic, but the colors are both soft and contemporary at the same time.  Our bed quilt is made from an older collection, Dandelion Girl, which is still one of my favorites!  I also love the way many of the collections can be mixed and matched together!

The first quilt top I have to share today is made from California Girl, which is very fitting for my vacation!

I absolutely LOVE the colors in this one.  The blue is so pretty!  I went with a very simple design again -- patchwork squares -- made from four charm packs.  (For more on how I lay out the squares to get a good mix of colors, read this post).

Not only does this quilt look great with my Dad's couch, it would go perfectly in my bedroom.  Hmmm -- maybe I need to make a new quilt for myself using California Girl and this pattern.  California Girl was released this spring, so it is still readily available.

The next two tops are from a slightly older Fig Tree Quilts line, Butterscotch and Roses.  I began by cutting five inch squares from the pile of scraps I had.  The color that worried me the most was the chocolate brown -- I was afraid of having either too much, or not enough, and considered omitting it completely.
In the end, I'm glad I left it in.  Most quilts really do benefit from a slight "pop" of color; the trick is finding the right balance.  So, I was very careful in distributing the brown squares in the quilt to make sure they were spaced equally throughout.

See how vintage the floral designs look, and how modern the polka dots look?  I think that's the secret to the vintage modern appeal!  The coral color is so contemporary, and the cream fabrics almost look like they came from an antique quilt -- such a great mix!
And from the leftover pieces, another coin quilt! 
 PS: A big thanks to my sister and my niece -- they ironed these quilt tops so I could actually get some nice pictures of them!


  1. I love Fig Tree & Co too! They have such a gorgeous website. In fact, my favorite dress pattern for my daughter is from them called Polkadots & Summer. Just as you said, the pattern photo mixes a vintage looking floral with a fun polkadot. A perfect combination!!!

  2. Just thought you might want to know...the letters you have to type to leave a comment are so hard to figure out. I've had to try like 5-6 times. Maybe you can find an easier one. One where the letters are more recognizable.