Saturday, June 22, 2013

Antique Flimsy Finish

In addition to completing my own stack of flimsies (unquilted tops), this week I had the pleasure of finishing an antique quilt top for a colleague. She and her mother had found it in a closet -- I believe it was made by her grandmother. The piecing was not perfect, but it was generally in good condition, so she just wanted some simple stitch in the ditch quilting so that they could display and enjoy it.

Since I had to do the quilting on my domestic machine, I had to get down on my hands and kness and baste the old-fashioned way!

In general, I was pleased with how the quilting went -- I knew the finished quilt would have a little unevenness, but there was no bunching on the back, so that made me happy! One of the things my colleague and I noticed was that the quiltmaker seemed to have taken great care to distribute the various colors and patterns nicely across the quilt... except for one spot where two identical blocks sit side by side!

The double pinwheel blocks in the original quilt inspired me to start a little project. I just finished some test blocks in Denyse Schmidt's new Blossom Reel fabric collection, which seem to echo the vintage vibe of the original.

I'm looking forward to piecing additional blocks and seeing how this comes together!


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