Thursday, June 6, 2013

Finish the Flimsies Challenge Quilts 5 & 6

Last night, I quilted these two Ahoy Matey baby quilts. These have been so popular -- I think I've made ten? The whale border print has become harder to find, so I've thought about trying different border combos. However, I must admit that I really love the borders as is!

I saved myself some valuable time by creating these as one long quilt (the bottom border of the first was also the top border of the second -- I just cut an extra wide border piece during the assembly process. I was then able to load the quilts and backing only once on the frame instead of twice (this saved the step of pinning all the layers to the muslin on the frame.

Once the entire piece was quilted, I cut them apart to create the two separate quilts.

Only fourteen more flimsies to go! Here's a preview of the next flimsy:

This one may take a couple of days!


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