Sunday, June 2, 2013

Finish the Flimsies Challenge Day 1

I've decided to issue myself a challenge to "finish the flimsies" this month! I have had a pile of completed tops for such a long time, and although I'm continually quilting my way through it, I keep adding to the pile! Since I have a midarm quilting machine and frame, I can easily finish quilting a top in an evening, but is is often more tempting to start a new project! Part of this challenge is to not make any new tops until this existing pile is gone!

Since school ends June 21st, my goal is to try to quilt through the pile by Monday, June 24th (I'm giving myself the extra weekend to complete the goal!).

I began the challenge today with a pile of 20 quilt tops, so here's the first finish, an Aviary quilt in my Bricklayer pattern. I've lost track of how many Avairy quilts I've made-- all three color palettes are so pretty!

(By the way, this challenge does not include bindings -- I always finish them by hand, so I know I'll need more time to accomplish those!)

I'm looking forward to seeing this pile of flimsies slowly diminish, and I'll be sharing my progress throughout the month. Nineteen more to go!


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